Designated Facilities for COVID-19 Community Testing

Port-of-Spain, July 1, 2020: The Ministry of Health advises the public that as of July 1, 2020, the following health facilities have been designated as COVID-19 Community Testing sites. Testing will take place between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm:

FacilityContacts for Health CentreCountyContact for County Medical Officer of Health
St James District Health Facility#112 Western Main Road,St. JamesPhone: (868)-625-1295 Ext 6012St George West624-3439625-4151
El Socorro Health CentreEl Socorro Road, San JuanPhone: (868)-638-5218St George Central285-8992
St Joseph Enhanced Health CentreUriah Butler Highway, Champ FleursPhone: (868)-662-0355St George East667-5273667-3693667-6688
Chaguanas Accident & Emergency DepartmentMain Road and Galt Street, ChaguanasPhone: (868)-672-4734/ 671-4081Caroni226-4400Ext. 4402
Mayaro District Health FacilityPierreville, MayaroPhone: (868)-630-1258Nariva/ Mayaro222-5005Ext. 3003
Siparia District Health FacilityHigh Street, SipariaPhone: (868)-649-1136/ 0691St Patrick649-2056
Sangre Grande Enhanced Health CentreBrierly Sreet and River Street, Sangre GrandePhone: (868)-668-2509/226-1102St Andrew/St David668-2053 to668-2055
Pleasantville Health CentreChaconia Avenue and Prince Albert Streets, Pleasantville(868)-653-0521Victoria653-0515652-2716

 Members of the public are asked to note the following:

1.    Persons presenting with any or a combination of the following symptoms will be eligible for testing:

a)    Fever

b)    Cough

c)    Rhinorrhea (runny nose)

d)    Headache

e)    Redness of Eyes

f)     Loss of Taste

g)    Loss of Smell

2.    Asymptomatic persons (persons without symptoms) will not be tested at these Centres. This also applies to persons seeking to be tested for the following special circumstances:

a)    Pre-Delivery Screening (for pregnant women)

b)    Pre-Surgical Screening

c)    Screening prior to repatriation

Members of the public can contact the requisite office of the County Medical Officer of Health for further details.

If COVID-19 testing is refused for any reason other than those listed above, they can contact the Ministry of Health’s Hotline at 877-WELL (9355) or at our Facebook page.