Highlights from today’s (03.05.2020) Virtual Health Media Conference


In case you missed it, here are the Key Points from today’s Virtual Media Conference on COVID-19 – Wednesday June 3rd 2020:

▪️Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said the general public must keep the curve flattened, especially with the Phase 4 reopening of the economy coming up. Minister Deyalsinsh praised banks and mall proprietors for taking steps in keeping with the New Normal, especially as it relates to mask-wearing. The corporate response has been good but he is not pleased with the response from smaller single-owner stores.

▪️Minister Deyalsingh highlighted areas outside the city/urban centres where people are not following guidelines on the New Normal. People are not wearing masks and maintaining physical distance in those communities.

▪️Maxi taxi/taxi operators are not following Public Health Guidelines, especially on wearing face masks. Minister Deyalsingh has requested a meeting with the Minister of Works and Transport with these groups. PTSC bus drivers are wearing masks, but taxi/maxi drivers are not.

▪️The following is the breakdown of quarantined Returning Nationals at the various facilities:
CASCADIA: 7 quarantined.
HOME OF Football: 3 quarantined.
UWI Debe Campus: 59 quarantined.

▪️Millions of dollars have been spent over the last three months to take care of Returning Nationals in quarantine (preparation of Step Down facilities, accommodation, meals etc). This cost has been at the expense of taxpayers. Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said consideration may be given to have returning nationals pay for their own stay in quarantine in the future but a decision will be made after discussions with the Minister of National Security and they will then advise the Prime Minister.

▪️A Report on local COVID-19 cases is expected to be completed by July and will be made available to the public.

▪️Kindergarten/day care facilities will remain closed until the opening of all schools in Trinidad and Tobago.

▪️T&T is well-prepared to deal with any Ebola outbreak. There is a National Ebola Plan as well as an approved vaccine for Ebola. The chances of Ebola reaching T&T is near impossible as the borders are closed at this time.