Highlights from today’s (18.05.2020) Virtual Health Media Conference


In case you missed it, here are the Key Points from today’s Virtual Media Conference:

  • Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said Trinidad and Tobago enters a critical phase in the COVID-19 fight today. He said it is now the responsibility of each citizen in this population to help flatten the curve and keep numbers low. The Health Minister spoke on The New Normal, which every citizen is expected to follow – Wear A Mask, Maintain Physical Distance, Practice Hand Hygiene, Practice Cough Etiquette, Sanitise Hard Surfaces, Avoid Touching Your Face, and Stay Home If You Are Ill.
  • Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said he was pleasantly surprised to see most people, including street food vendors, wearing masks. However, he also lamented that some customers were not wearing masks and they were still attended to. He urged business owners to have some responsibility on mask wearing and implement a “No Mask, No Service” policy at their business places.
  • The following is the update on COVID-19 patients and quarantined persons across the various facilities:
    CAURA: 1 patient (Stable and Ambulatory).
    CASCADIA: 16 quarantined.
    NAPA: 24 health care workers who completed their tours in treating COVID-19 patients.
    TACARIGUA RACQUET CENTRE: 21 quarantined.
  • 955 Community Tests have been administered in Trinidad and Tobago and all returned Negative for COVID-19.
  • Minister of Trade and Industry, Paula Gopee-Scoon, said it’s important to have a risk-based approach to the phased reopening of the economy in order to protect human capital.
  • Minister Gopee-Scoon reminded that some businesses (supermarkets, pharmacies, agriculture, ports) never ceased operations as they were deemed essential, but from Thursday, economic activity will be ramped up even further with more sectors opening. She said T&T is in a very good place, with economic activity being carefully reintroduced.
  • Minister Gopee-Scoon confirmed that many small and medium businesses have opened but more will come in the other Phases.
  • On this country’s food supply, Minister Gopee-Scoon said basic food imports have been robust and supplies continue at a steady pace. However, she noted that some importers have had to source new overseas suppliers which would have meant some prices increasing locally. Production levels at farms are also up. Minister Gopee-Scoon encouraged citizens to get involved in the Ministry of Agriculture’s Seed Distribution Campaign and plant some crops at home.
  • Workers in office spaces are advised to use a common sense approach to wearing face masks on the job, especially if there are no partitions/dividers and limited physical distance between employees.
  • Fifty Third Year UWI Medical students will soon work alongside the County Medical Officers of Health in the field to help with monitoring/evaluating viral illnesses.