Key Points From Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley’s Press Conference – Saturday 12th September 2020

  • Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, announced that in order to see a desirable reduction in Covid-19 cases, the restrictions and measures implemented a month ago will continue for another month to October 11th. The only difference this time, is that all Public Service workers that are required to work on the budget are now deemed essential and have to go in to work.
  • The Prime Minister also stated that firm and sustained law enforcement is expected for those who insist on breaching the public health regulations, the law will be applied to every person regardless of race, creed, class or social standing.
  • Prime Minister Dr Rowley announced that to defend against further spread of the virus, the borders of T&T will remain closed. He also indicated that a map of how people can be seated in maxi taxis has been made, which will allow them to accommodate 65% passenger capacity.
  • The Prime Minister declared that the Covid-19 virus has cost the country’s economy about 10 Billion dollars.
  • Thoracic Medical Director at Caura Hospital, Dr Michelle Trotman indicated that some Covid-19 patients that have trouble breathing are prescribed oxygen, feel better and then take it off. Dr Trotman stated that this action can and has led to deaths locally because of silent Hypoxia. She said that once the doctor prescribes oxygen it should be used for the entire duration.
  • Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh, when answering a question regarding death statistics, indicated that over 90% of the patients that have died were over 60 years of age with co-morbidities. Dr. Trotman followed up on this by stating these patients commonly present with co-morbidities like hypertension, diabetes and obesity.
  • Minister of National Security Stuart Young stated that The TTPS can intervene in ANY circumstance that poses a threat to public safety, regardless of it occurring in public or private settings.
  • Minister Young declared that there has never been confirmation that the 2nd wave of Covid-19 was the result of illegal immigration. He went on to say that all resources available to border security have been deployed to maintain it.
  • The National Security Minister also provided information that 259 tickets have been issued for non-compliance with mask regulations so far.
  • Minister Young made an announcement that all permanent residents of T&T that have been stuck outside of the country will be granted amnesty of sorts and will not have their residency revoked.