Key Points From the Ministry of Health’s Virtual Media Conference – Monday 19th October, 2020

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  • Assistant Director of the Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control Division at CARPHA, Dr. Lisa Indar, indicated that the organization has been working with local tourism bodies to implement proactive health measures for the reopening of the tourism sector.
  • Dr. Indar stated that after proper training and certification, any hospitality facility will be rewarded with CARPHA’s Caribbean Travellers Health Assurance Stamp which indicates to potential tourists that their facility is a safe option.
  •  Head of the Department of Paediatric Emergency at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex Dr. Joanne Paul appealed to parents to avoid trick or treating or hosting Halloween Parties as the activity can lead to another Covid-19 spike.
  • Dr. Paul also indicated that proper mask wearing not only reduces the transmission of the virus but it also leads to milder symptoms if a person were to get infected. She explained that if an infected person without a mask coughs or sneezes, they would expel many droplets into the air, which translates to many viral particles which can overwhelm an infected person’s immune system and cause sever symptoms. Conversely, if an infected person were to cough or sneeze with a mask on, there would be a lot less viral particles expelled which would allow for that newly infected person’s immune system to properly defend against the virus and result in mild symptoms.