Key Points From the Ministry of Health’s Virtual Media Conference – Saturday 5th September 2020

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  • Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, clarified a fact about the new mask regulations by stating that a face covering could be anything that covers your nose, mouth and chin, not necessarily a mask.
  • Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, announced that as of yesterday, the Government has repatriated 3563 nationals.
  • Minister Young also stated that there is now a new policy for those seeking exemptions to enter the country. The details of the policy are as follows:
    • Nationals wishing to be granted exemptions will be categorized from high to low risk based on the Covid-19 status (dictated by the WHO) of country they are currently in.
    • People in low risk countries must not have been in medium or high-risk countries for 14 days prior to arriving in T&T. They must also produce a Covid-19 negative PCR test for the 72 hour period before entering the country and sign a form agreeing to home quarantine for 14 days.
    • People in high or medium risk countries have to enter state quarantine for 7 days upon arrival. They are also swabbed within 24 hours upon arrival, once they test negative, they’ll be asked to quarantine at home for 7 days and then swabbed again. If, however they test positive, the CMO will decide if they require to be hospitalized or enter home quarantine.
  • Minister Young stated that 1702 people have applied to return home from the United States, 372 from Canada, 307 from the UK and 103 from Barbados. The Minister reiterated that the priority is to repatriate nationals who live in T&T that are stuck abroad, as opposed to those who live abroad and have made the decision to return home for whatever reason.
  • The National Security Minister declared that the TTPS have received the ticket books for the mask regulations and citizens are warned that the law will now be enforced.