Key Points From the Ministry of Health’s Virtual Media Conference – Wednesday 14th October 2020

  • Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roshan Parasram, provided a statistical update on ACTIVE cases across various counties as follows:
    • Victoria – 21.9%
    • Caroni – 16.2%
    • St George East – 16.1%
    • St George Central -13.6%
    • St George West – 10.9%
    • St David/St Andrew – 8.7%
    • St Patrick – 7%
    • Tobago – 3.5%
    • Nariva/Mayaro – 2.1%
  • Dr. Parasram also gave an update on the clinical disposition of patients in home isolation, he indicated that 54.9% of them are asymptomatic with 29.3% being symptomatic and only 7.9% requiring transfer to a facility.
  • The CMO stated that in cases recorded so far, there appears to be an ‘almost’ equal distribution between males and females however, the distribution by age remains highest among the 20-39 and 40-59 age groups.
  • Consultant and Endocrinologist at the SWRHA, Dr. Joel Teelucksingh indicated that the fear of contracting Covid-19 has caused many persons with chronic illnesses to neglect caring for their ailments. He also said that due to the restrictions these persons are living more sedentary lifestyles and are not eating properly. Doctor Teelucksingh appealed to persons with chronic illnesses to monitor their health, exercise 30-60 minutes per day, have regular check ups and eat healthier.