Key Points From the Ministry of Health’s Virtual Media Conference – Wednesday 30th September 2020

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  • Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roshan Parasram stated that there has been a decrease in Covid-19 test swabs received over the last two weeks which is directly related to the decrease in numbers of people presenting with viral illness.
  • Dr. Parasram also indicated that some symptomatic people have refused Covid-19 testing at various health facilities. However, the CMO assured the public that the Ministry of Health remains committed to testing as much people as possible regardless of the severity of their symptoms.
  • Manager, Expanded Programme on Immunization, Grace Sookchand, made an appeal to citizens to ensure they get vaccinated for the Influenza virus as it would either protect them from the Flu or greatly lessen its symptoms. She also indicated that the vaccine is safe and most people do not experience side effects and those that do only experience mild symptoms that disappear in a couple days. Ms Sookchand stated that because Covid-19 shares some symptoms with the Influenza Virus, getting vaccinated can potentially help in ruling out Influenza if a person is infected with Covid-19.